Dark Heartagram Scream Me A Dream

Can you explain the whole relationship of Bam and Ville? I never looked into it much before now. Sorry if its really long.


Sure! Basically when Bam was in his early 20’s he was in Finland for a skate demo. He saw the video for Right Here in My Arms on TV and fell in love with the song. He went out and bought the album, fell in love with the band. Then he became really obsessed with the band. He bought all kinds of HIM merchandise, used their songs in his movies, named a character Valo in his film. He idolized Ville. He got the opportunity to meet them and then he was able to start filming music videos for them. I think between filming the music videos, always going to their shows, and just being around them he got to know them, especially Ville. The two became very, very close friends. They often partied together very hard. Bam considered Ville to be one of his best friends. He was always giving them a bunch of promotion in the US. And then they had a falling out. No one ever really knew why but with the release of this video this morning we know it had to do with Ville and Bam’s respective substance abuse problems and a lot of hurt on both parts.